Dedicated to other veterans and their families

This book is a collection of poetry of how I managed and dealt with

my PTSD symptoms. Every so often, I stopped and added a little

something attempting to explain the poetry, or sometimes just

something I thought you might need to know. It is real and I don't

sugar coat anything so if I feel profanity is needed, I use it. The term

"Hilda" refers to when we get bad intelligence and we have to change

a mission essential, and all Hell breaks. Most of it is war poetry but

some of it refers to everyday living things.


Vol 7-Snake Riddles Poetry and Short Stories
Vol 8 Snake Riddles Poetry and Short Stories
Vol 9 Snake Riddles Poetry and Short Stories
Vol 10 Snake Riddles Poetry and Short Stories
Vol 11 Snake Riddles Poetry and Short Stories
Fatigue and the PTSD Mind by Tim

Timothy George Segrest

Tim Segrest is 44 years old and grew up spending a lot of time at the

beach in California. He joined the military in 1983 and retired in 2004 as

a disabled veteran, and was diagnosed with Degenerative Spine

Disease in 1997. Tim currently resides in New Mexico with his lovely

wife. The author can't explain why who he is validates his writing of

these poems, sorry- you'll have to answer that on your own.



The Importance of Writing About Mental Health in Books

Mental health is seldom talked about in books. It seems as if many authors are still hesitant to touch on this topic even though its importance is becoming more and more apparent these days. By definition, mental health refers to the state of well-being in which a...

a man called snake

This isn’t meThis mindful husbandThis caring ma……..refreshing…….happy……content…….pain freeNo, this isn’t me…..with a smileOn my faceFree of chemicalsRushing in my veinsOnes to alterWho I really amHiding the memoriesIn my brainOnes to subsideThe anger….. rageI really...

conversation disconnect

“Hilda”Hello darlingWhere have you been?I’ve missed youIn this other………domainWhere shadow people………. WalkYou know the onesThe ones you see……. As children “Me”I’ve been illI’ve been stressedMy insidesHave been tied in a knotMy thoughts chaoticMy world seems……. So...

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